NFC Access Control Module

Let your access control business takeoff following the smartphone trend!

Easy to Use

Just tap the Reader through NFC and the App will pop-out automatically

Tap the NFC sensing area of the Reader without manually launching App

App will pop-up automatically and communicate with the Reader

Benefits of NFC

Smartphone is the trend for everything including Access Control


Using phone is easier than finding for the right keys/cards

Lower Chance of Lost

Most people keep their phones within arm’s reach all the time

Aware of Lost

People aware of phone missing much earlier than wallet

Advance Security

Smartphones can perform stronger algorithms than typical cards

Save cost of Cards

System managers will be happy to save cost of cards


Feeling of cutting edge for both the personnel and the organization


This is the NFC Access Control Module designed for you

Easy Integration

Host can control the module by UART or RS232 interface

Seamless Upgrade

Keep MiFARE functions while adding NFC

Small Form Factor

Only 53.9mm by 21.8mm and customization is available

App Ready

The companion app Toro Card is available for downloading

Easy to Use

Just tap your smartphone to the reader while screen is unlocked

Robust Security

Design with highest security standards


Advance cryptographic algorithms are used to deliver the strongest security

Mutual Authentication

Immune to playback attack and ID skimming

AES-128 Encryption

Industry standard with 128b key length

Key Diversification

Increase the difficulty of attacking

Smartphone Binding

Credentials cannot be moved to other phones

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NFC smartphones, unlike MiFARE cards, don’t have a pre-defined UID on NFC interface. For typical smartphone without a secure element, a mobile app is required to turn your smartphone into a credential. And our module works with the app for the security confidentiality.
Once the NFC smartphone with Toro Card installed, it will generate a UID randomly. However, to prevent playback attack, a private keys should be negotiate with the reader for mutual authentication purpose. The negotiation will be done on the ENROLL process. Once ENROLL is done, the reader can perform AUTH to validate if the phone is really who it claims to be by mutual authentication. Through this mechanism, we can protect the credential to be not stolen on the NFC interface, and smartphone can be used as an ID, just like a card.
  • Don’t have to carry cards; one phone for all your cards
  • You will realize lost of smartphone much sooner than lost of cards, and actions can be performed to prevent any damage
  • Fewer cards, fewer cost, and save the planet. System managers will be happy to save cost of cards
  • It’s safer because advance security algorithms can be implemented digitally
  • Besides, it’s fancy!
We invest a lot of efforts to make this solution secure. We adopt industry security standards of encryption that banks and military are using
  • Use advance Cryptographic Algorithms comply with industry standards
  • Mutual Authentication is performed
  • Keys are diversified and untraceable
  • Use PKI for cross-phone credential delivering
  • Message Authentication Code is used for data integrity
  • On board security chip for system authenticity
  • Credential is locked by phone specific parameters
  • NDK is used for critical parts in Android App