Wi-Fi Smart Lock Solution

Remote interaction with your lock through Wi-Fi is now possible!

Instant Notification

Unlock Event or Attempt

Low Battery Warning

Client List Change

Lock Configuration Change

Remote Control

Lock or Unlock

Modify Client List

Modify Lock Configuration

Why Wi-Fi?

Every house has Wi-Fi. Just connect to your Wi-Fi Access Point wirelessly and you are ready for Internet. No need to install another box for interface conversion.

User Friendly

Easy to Start

Easy Setup Flow by following the App instructions

Low Power

Smart Power Management to Maximize the Battery Life

Up to date

Latest Firmware will be downloaded over-the-air

Peace of Mind

The system is designed to offer maximum benefits while respect your concerns


Don’t worry about lost Internet connection. The solution can coexist with local communication methods such as NFC/BLE.


We use Cloud technology to provide excellent features such as remote access right management and notification. But we don’t collect or store your credentials and audit trail on server. The system is designed as using the server solely for communication but not for backup. Your credentials are encrypted in your smartphone and we don’t have the keys. You don’t have to worry about your privacy.

Advance Security

We invest a lot of efforts to make this solution secure. We adopt industry security standards of encryption that banks and military are using. It’s more secure than traditional locks since your mechanical key is much easier to be cloned. See the Security section for more details.


  • Use advance Cryptographic Algorithms comply with industry standards
  • Mutual Authentication is performed
  • Keys are diversified and untraceable
  • Message Authentication Code is used for data integrity
  • On board security chip for system authenticity
  • Credential is locked by phone specific parameters
  • Email validation is used for account registration
  • Server has no access to plaintext of credentials
  • SSL is used for all Internet communication
  • Server is designed to resist XSS, Code Injections, MITM, and Replay attacks

Our Service

Our solution can help you design a Smart Lock very quickly


We can work with you for different form factors


Coexist with fingerprint, touch or push-button keypad, or contactless card (or even NFC)

App supporting

BiPASS for both Android and iOS are ready for use. It can be extended to support your brand and features

Learn more about

K3 Connect

To save customers’ development cost and shorten time to market, we have designed the K3 Connect App for the Wi-Fi Smart Lock Solution. It’s elegant, intuitive, and feature-rich. Customers’ Brand and Information can be added into the UI. K3 Connect is your best choice for launching a Wi-Fi Smart Lock product.